All Other Professions

It is a very brave person (nay foolhardy) who provides a service or holds themselves out as an expert and does not protect themselves with a Professional Indemnity policy in this very litigious world.

There are now many specialist policies to cover all different types of consultants, advisors and professions but in many cases the key is to find a broker who is prepared to take the time to fully understand your activities and exposure to claims. Contractsure is such a broker.

We have attached a Miscellaneous Proposal Form although it may be sensible to telephone any of the contacts at Contractsure in order to:-

1. Ascertain if there is a more specific Proposal form for your activity
2. To ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your risk
3. Claims - we will meet you at the earliest opportunity to discuss the nature of your business and how best we can assist you in the event of a claim

Download claim notification form for: