Of all the various classes of Professional Indemnity there are probably a wider range of rates for Engineers than for any other class of Professional Indemnity. For example, some Insurers apply the same rate for civil engineers as they do for structural engineers whilst others look on civil engineers as being a very much heavier risk and therefore apply a much higher rate. It is therefore absolutely essential that your broker has a thorough understanding of your business in order to be able to ensure that quotations for your PI reflect accurately the nature of your business.

The result is that there are substantial premium variations between competing insurers, which is good news for the broker who both knows his client and his way around the market.

Contractsure provide Professional Indemnity for engineers and are able to:-

  • Arrange substantial Limits of Indemnity on an each and every claim basis
  • Provide policies that include Small claims handling clauses
  • Provide for an unlimited number of assignments under collateral warranties
  • Advise on the PI implications on specific Appointment documents and collateral warranties

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