In simple terms, as far as Insurers are concerned there are two types of surveyors: those that undertake valuations and those that do not.

For those surveyors that undertake valuations, the PI market has proved to be extremely volatile as when the property market falls and repossessions prevail then the PI market becomes inundated with valuation claims.

It is at such times that Surveyors wants the comfort of knowing that they are insured with an Insurer that will stay with them for the bad times as well as the good times and, unfortunately, many insurers have failed in this test.

At Contractsure we use our skill to ensure that the Surveyor is insured with the right insurer and we endeavour to promote a strong working relationship between Insured and Insurer.

For those surveyors that do not undertake valuations the market is very much larger and considerably more competitive but in order to get the best deal the Surveyor should ensure that his broker has a thorough understanding of the firm's activities and has access to the important Lloyd's market.

At Contractsure we ensure that we do know our clients and have access to all the important markets.

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