Professional Indemnity

Our Professional indemnity team have extensive experience in broking and servicing all classes of Professional Indemnity

We firmly believe that Underwriters will only provide their very best terms if the broker who is broking the risk to them knows every aspect of the risk including the culture and sensitivities of the Insured.

Accordingly, unlike most brokers we do not obtain terms from Insurers simply by sending them emails enclosing the Proposal Form but broke every risk directly to Insurers. For Underwriters to quote their very best terms, they need to have confidence in the quality of the Insured and this can only be obtained if the broker knows more about the risk than the basic information contained in the Proposal Form. This is where we make a real difference because the person who brokes the risk to Insurers is the one who looks after the client on a daily basis.

Where we really came into our own is in the handling of our clients claims.  This is where being a specialist in our area enables us to of real assistance to our clients.  We endeavour to advise our clients and provide them with pro-active assistance at a time when it is most needed.  Regardless of the value or nature of the problem, we are here to help.

Whether or not your have experienced a PI claim previously, your business is too important to rely on those with either insufficient experience or time when you need them.

At Contractsure we have the knowledge and experience to not only provide our clients with first class advice but also to fight their corner when the going gets tough.

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